What use are Thread Charts/Design Worksheets

Dec 15, 2021

All Petal Magic Embroidery Designs have Thread Charts or Design Worksheets included in the files that are downloaded after checkout. The top and right side of the first page has information about the design:

Size of the stitch out  ( 130.4mm wide x 101.7mm high )

Number of stitches  ( 21984 )

Number of thread colours and sequence of use  ( 8 )

Hoop size required   ( 140mm x 200mm which is 5×7 )

Amount of Bobbin required

Number of layers of Stabilizer needed

The second page shows the sequence that the parts of the design will be stitched in and the colours thereof.

The software used to digitize Petal Magic Designs creates the designs in file type called EMB. This is then converted into files for each machine type. In the conversion process the colours of the design may change, paticularly in EXP and DST formats, this is out of the control of the digitizer or designer. The embroidery machine usually does not have as many thread colours stored as the digitizing software and thus may substitute colours. On the Elna machine that Petal Magic Designs are test stitched on, sometimes Black is called Special Green. Hence the Colour Sequence becomes an important guide. Of course the design can be stitched out in whatever colours one chooses according to the project needs.

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